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ZW32-24KV 22KV 2150A Vacuum Circuit Breaker/ACR 50hz 60hz Made in China

ZW32-24KV 22KV 2150A Vacuum Circuit Breaker/ACR 50hz 60hz Made in China

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Product Details

1. China made ZW32-24kv 22kv 2150A Vacuum Circuit Breaker/ACR 

ZW32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is rated voltage 24kv, three phase AC 50Hz outdoor distribution equipment.

This vacuum circuit breaker mainly used to breaking closing power system load current ,overload current and short-circuit current. Applicable to substations and power distribution in industrial and mining enterprises for protection and control purposes. 

2. Advantages of Vacuum circuit breaker

Small size, light weight, anti-condensation, maintenance and so on. Adapt to adverse weather conditions, and to teach filthy environment.

3. Application and usage

(1). Earthquake intensity: ≤8 

(2). Environment humidity: month average relative humidity ≤90%, daily average relative humidity ≤95%

(3). No fire, explosion, serious filthy, chemical corrosion and violent vibration of places

(4). Wind pressure: ≤700Pa

(5). Ambient temperature: -40 to +40°C 

(6). Altitude: ≤2000m

(7). Customers have other special requirements, can be in order to put forward, our company can offer most satisfied

4. Products Features

(1). Operator novel, simple, reliable operation, small volume, mechanical life can reach 30,000 times

(2). Equipped with vacuum arcing chamber of the column in vacuum circuit breaker performance is stable and reliable, and has no combustion and explosion danger, safety, free of maintenance, small volume, light weight and long service life;

(3).  Circuit breaker using permanent magnet operation system, the structure is simple, less parts, moving parts, only one, and the traditional spring institutions than nearly parts, greatly reduce the fault source, greatly enhancing the reliability

(4). Installed have three-phase protection CT, zero sequence voltage CT, AB alternate with, through the controller of the real-time monitoring upload inputs, and with the value is used in the comparison to determine the type of line fault, and the corresponding processing;

5.Technical Photos of vacuum circuit breaker

ZW32-24KV 22KV 2150A Vacuum Circuit Breaker/ACR 50hz 60hz Made In China.jpg    ZW32-24KV 22KV 2150A Vacuum Circuit Breaker/ACR 50hz 60hz Made In China.jpg

6. Deliver, shipping and serving ZW32-24KV 22KV 2150A Vacuum Circuit Breaker/ACR 50hz 60hz Made In China.jpg

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Contact Us

Xigao Electricenergy Group Co.,Ltd

Add.: No.6, Weibei Industrial Park,

Xi'an City, Shaanxi Pro., CN. 710600

Phone: 0086 13319220197

Email: emma@zgxgdn.com

WhatsApp: 008613319220197

Skype: sunnysunny12271

Wechat: 13319220197

Website: www.zgxgdn.com

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